vineri, 15 august 2008


Dupa lungi asteptari, evadez. Plec din "micul paris" ,spre alte meleaguri. Aveam nevoie de o mica despartire de orasul asta. O sa-l ignor, o sa uit de el. Doar pentru ca o sa ne iubim mai mult cand o sa ma intorc. Aveti grija de voi si sa nu faceti prostii.

Ascultati : The Strokes - Hawaii Aloha.

Vacanta placuta in continuare. Ne vedem probabil toamna.

P.S.- Poate mai am ocazia sa scriu intre timp.


luni, 11 august 2008


De la Anca.
Choose a singer/band/group.
Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group.
Eu aleg (bineinteles) Nirvana.

Are you a male or a female?
Son of a gun

Describe yourself.

What do people feel when they’re around you?

How would you describe your previous relationship?

Describe your current relationship.
About a girl

Where would you want to be now?
In Bloom

How do you feel about love?
Drain You

What’s your life like?

What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
On a plain ( sau Lithium)

Say something wise.
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Leapsa merge catre Vlad si sor.icel.

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